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Staying Positive

There are days, like today, where I get a frustrated with how my horses are going. It felt easier last week, suddenly things that worked before aren't working now or that wonderful feeling I just had is gone and I cannot find it again. It's stressful and a blow to the confidence and something I let get under my skin, though I know I shouldn't. I tell my students tough rides happen, it cannot be perfect everyday and the frustration just means you're on to something.

Wish I could take my own advice!

When I'm in a funk like this I change it up. I take William for a gallop or over some small fun obstacles in the jump field. I try to take a few days to remember where we came from. This picture was taken during our second season showing together, 2010. It is most likely a Training Level test. It hangs in my hallway and I pass it every time I take a shower, or do some laundry. I look at the pictures and think to myself Wow, we've come a long way.

I need to also remember that not only am I taking a horse that was trained for something completley different but I'm also working with a living breathing animal that was not breed to drop his croup, flex his hocks and carry more weight on his hindend than his front. I have had take years to develop the gaits we have now. I've had to take years to develop the flexibility and strength to get us to Third Level. Why do I think getting to Fourth will be any easier? This picture was from September of this year. Things have greatly improved in the time William and I have been working together. I have to let this next set of challenges roll through us like the last.

It will come.

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