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Praise for

Samantha's Work

Stefanie Sobol

Dana Point, CA

Sam is a wonderful riding instructor and trainer. I came back to riding after a long hiatus and Sam made me fall in love with dressage all over again. Her ability to tune into each student and personalize every lesson is a testament to her amazing eye and caring approach.
I have been lucky to not only have Sam as an instructor, but also as a trainer for my new horse. As a result, my understanding of and feel for how to ride and work with my horse have improved beyond measure. We are now a much happier and more talented team under her tutelage.
Sam simply makes learning – and riding – a joy.

Petrina Garner

Gainesville, FL

Samantha is not only an amazing rider, but she is also a knowledgeable instructor and trainer as well. Her philosophy of starting from the ground up ensures you and your horse have a solid foundation. Her staff operates like a well-oiled machine, always professional and attentive. If you are serious about riding and training correctly, this is your place!

Megan Bussjager

Johns Island, SC

I am SO happy that I made the decision to send my boy, Moose, down for training at Gallifrey Farm. Sam is not only an incredible instructor for riders, but she is a true horse-trainer. It's night and day how far my stubborn boy has come. She provides a steady training schedule, and updates daily on his performance. I'm excited to continue to watch my horse excel under her training, and to also have my riding enhanced by her instruction. Thanks for all that you do!

Julie Barnes

Brooklet, GA

My gorgeous gelding, Amigo, (A rescue from a closing PMU farm) was declared to dangerous to be ridden by 2 other trainers after more than 6 months of training. I was heart broken AND broke. Sam met Amigo less than 3 months ago. Her slow and steady approach to his training resulted in me watching my dangerously un-ridable horse being ridden outside the round ring last week with NO hint of any problem. If you want a real-deal trainer with true horse sense and the equine education to back it up, you don't need to look any further. Samantha Fellin is fabulous!

Mariah Criste

Sommersville, WV

Samantha is by far one of the best instructors I have had the pleasure of riding under. Speaking as a young woman working towards becoming an amateur Dressage rider, I believe riding under Sam has not only improved my riding, but my outlook. She plays off the strengths of the individual rider or horse and uses those to open the door to new skills. She encourages you to step outside your comfort zone and try new things, even if they are a little rough the first few times.
One of her greatest assets as an instructor is how relatable she is. Sam never loses touch with the struggle, both mental and psychological. However much effort a rider is willing to put in, she will double it.
Her attention to detail can mean the difference between third place and first place. I can honestly say from experience that there have been many days when I was ready to give up on riding altogether, but Sam always inspired me to get back in the saddle, to try one more time. With her coaching, not only did I improve my riding and learn to do things I never expected, I learned how to take away something positive from every ride. Most importantly, I had a blast doing it.

Payton Fritch

Atlanta, GA

As a working student, Gallifrey became my second home and I was excited to get up early and come to the barn to work with Sam and the horses. Not only is Sam an excellent trainer, but a great friend as well! She helped me learn the ropes and routines around the barn after being out of practice for 5 years.
As good teachers do, she taught me dressage in a way that was easy for me to understand while still being challenged in the process. Even at times when I got frustrated with myself, she was always supportive and there for me when I needed the encouragement.
Sam will always be a great friend of mine and I know I can return to Gallifrey at any time and it
stillfeel like home.

Lucille Estes

Brookshire, TX

We are so blessed to have the chance to have Sam train our beautiful horse Aurora. She is the best of the best in our eyes!!!! Our baby girl has learned soooo much. Sam is a beautiful person inside and out! She cannot be replaced. Her style of training is just unbelievable. Every time we watch her and Aurora my husband and myself are in awe. The luv she has for the horses is so deep and true. She is so gentle and caring, and gets respect from Aurora. Sam will be moving from Texas real soon. We sure will miss Her. I cannot replace her. And I’am soooo sure that our Aurora will be looking for her everyday! We wish Sam all the best in life that it has to offer. Whoever gets Sam for a trainer better cherish her and give her the respect do to her.

Jane Hartleroad

Walker, WV

Samantha Capoferri is a complete horse trainer. There simply are no holes in her work. I sent my young Oldenburg breeding stallion to Sam to be started and brought along.
She gently but firmly instilled in him impeccable manners, and a solid, correct undersaddle foundation upon which all the sport disciplines are built. Our biggest regret is having lost Sam to bigger markets, as gifted equestriennes of Sam’s caliber are a rare treasure.
Thanks Sam…we miss you!

Emily Reed

Staunton, VA

Under her patient instruction, Sam helped me to understand how the subtleties in my body affected my horse’s movement. Her repertoire of stretching and strengthening exercises, on and off the horse, helps to develop her students physically while her theoretical knowledge helps to develop her students mentally. She teaches her students to be influential and effective riders, by first, developing their seat.
Her drive to make constant improvements on her own riding makes her a great role model and made it easy for me to give her my respect. If you are looking for an instructor that will help you understand the reasoning behind everything you are asked to do Sam is exactly what you are looking for!

Elinor Sandberg

San Rafael, CA

I met Sam Cap when I moved to WV and started school at Meredith Manor in August 2010. She was my dressage instructor for 3 quarters. I liked her from the very beginning because of her teaching methods and her willingness to help me receive my goals.
She was not just any instructor for me, she also became a very good friend. The biggest reason I liked her as an instructor was because of her patience with me when I had a rough time and I knew she would support me 100% when I needed it.
She was always very professional and knowledgeable in her teaching. She did not just teach me how to ride, she taught me a lot more! She can teach beginner lessons just as well as advanced lessons. Sam Cap is not just a very good instructor, she is also a very good rider. Just watching her ride inspired me to work harder every day.I highly recommend Sam Cap as a trainer/ instructor. I learned more dressage in 9-month then have done in my 20 years of riding.
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